Beyond Safety Training – Embedding Safety in professional skills

Safety skills
Foncsi - Corinne Bieder, Claude Gilbert, Benoît Journé, Hervé Laroche
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Despite all the resources that are allocated to safety training, little progress is being made, especially in industrial sectors that have already achieved a high level of safety. Given this observation – as radical and harsh as it is for so-called traditional training – what else can we do to integrate safety into professional skills?

This book, published in English by Springer, contains articles by almost 20 internationally renowned experts, which open up new ways of looking at safety professionalization on the ground.


| Contents |

  • Safety: A Matter for ‘Professionals’?, de Claude Gilbert
  • A Practice-Based Approach to Safety as an Emergent Competence, de Silvia Gherardi
  • Line Managers as Work Professionals in the Era of Workplace Health Professionalization, de Pascal Ughetto
  • Captain Kirk, Managers and the Professionalization of Safety, de Hervé Laroche
  • A Critique from Pierre-Arnaud Delattre, de Pierre-Arnaud Delattre
  • Enhancing Safety Performance: Non-technical Skills and a Modicum of Chronic Unease, de Rhona Flin
  • Situated Practice and Safety as Objects of Management, de Petter G. Almklov
  • Stories and Standards: The Impact of Professional Social Practices on Safety Decision Making, de Jan Hayes
  • Doing What Is Right or Doing What Is Safe, de Linda J. Bellamy
  • Industrial Perspective on the Seminar: The Viewpoint of a Mining Expert, de Jonathan Molyneux
  • How to Deal with the Contradictions of Safety Professional Development?, de Benoit Journé
  • Can Safety Training Contribute to Enhancing Safety?, de Corinne Bieder
  • Training Design Oriented by Works Analysis, de Vincent Boccara
  • Safety and Behaviour Change, de Paul M. Chadwick
  • Power and Love, de Nicolas Herchin
  • Beyond Safety Training, Toward Professional Development, de Caroline Kamaté, Hervé Laroche et François Daniellou



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Beyond safety training Beyond safety training