Icsi organizes numerous free events, both face-to-face and online, with the aim of diffusing the safety culture message to all stakeholders.

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 Web + seminar = webinar! The aim of these regular, online conferences is to give the floor to an expert, to highlight first-hand accounts from the field, or to examine all the aspects of a topic. Contribute to a chat, take an online survey or a quiz... Everyone participates in Icsi webinars!  Short (they last about 1 hour), they can easily fit into your working day. Prerequisites: a computer and a headset. Let’s get started!

 Safety culture Rencontres

Icsi’s bi-annual Rencontres (meet-ups) take place in Paris, and last half a day. They are an opportunity for the Institute to showcase its work. Conferences, exhibitions, workshops, first-hand accounts... each event focuses on a key safety culture theme, and comes with its share of surprises. There’s only one thing to say: expect the unexpected.
Access to this free event is limited by the number of places.

The Safety Culture Observatory

Not only is it a time to network and share experiences, it is a true ideas’ factory.



Breakfast meetings

These short-format sessions last from 1 to 2 hours, and are held in the morning, over a coffee and croissants. They are an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and points of view. They are also an opportunity for the Institute to present the outcome of a discussion group, disseminate a new publication, or share an innovative project. By invitation only.





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