Icsi, dedicated to safety culture

The Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture (Icsi) is a non-profit organization. It was established in Toulouse, in 2003, following the accident at the AZF factory. Its mission: to establish a high-performance safety culture, and prevent serious, fatal and major technological accidents in at-risk regions and industries.

Icsi, dedicated to safety culture Icsi, dedicated to safety culture



| Icsi: a crossroads for dialogue |

The Institute’s mission is to bring together actors working in the field of industrial safety: at-risk industries, trade unions, local authorities, research centers, universities, specialized institutes, and associations. The Institute provides its members with a neutral, independent space to talk openly, with the aim of building upon best practices and developing innovative, operational solutions.


No one person holds the key to safety! Over the past 15 years, the strength of our association has been its ability to bring together, around one table, the various safety stakeholders.

Ivan Boissières, Icsi Director

+ 80 members


Our diverse membership is the foundation for a rich dialogue, debate, and sharing points of view.

Our members

How can I join?

Are you interested in joining the Icsi community? Would you like to participate in the debate, share your experiences, and take practical steps to improve safety culture in your organization?

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| Our aims |

Improve safety in companies

taking into account all of the aspects of industrial risk: technical, organizational and human.

Foster an open, genuine debate

between at-risk companies and civil society.


Promote the dissemination of a safety culture

among the different actors in a company.




| Our drivers for action |


Discussion groups

A place to exchange views, our discussion groups encourage our members to share their experiences. This dialogue can lead to the preparation of publications, new events, or training programs.

Discussion groups



From bite-size briefs to academic articles, all of Icsi’s publications are freely available, as our aim is to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness of safety culture as widely as possible.



Events and conferences

Conferences, breakfast meetings, webinars... whether in person or remotely, Icsi organizes regular events on the theme of safety culture.






Whether face-to-face or 100% online, our training solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations. The objective: to acquire the skills needed to establish safety culture.



Expertise and support

Implementing a safety culture program, taking stock of the current situation, supporting teams, etc. Icsi’s experts provide support to a wide variety of organizations that would like to make progress in establishing a safety culture.

Our approach of safety culture


Innovation and development

From anticipating tomorrow’s challenges to developing practical tools that can be applied in the field – innovation is Icsi’s watchword – our focus is on preparing for the safety of the future.

Innovation at Icsi