Icsi, from innovation to operationalization

Digital technology, the factories and operators of the future, big data challenges, the effects of Covid-19 on risk management, etc. What will be the impacts of these major industrial transformations on safety and risk management? From anticipating tomorrow’s problems, to innovative projects, and the development of practical tools that can be applied in the field, Icsi and its sister organization, the Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture (Foncsi), are taking action: discussion groups, strategic analyses, research and development projects, industrial pilot programs.

Icsi, from innovation to operationalization Icsi, from innovation to operationalization



| Innovation at the service of safety |


The industry of the future

The industry of the future is an emerging safety issue that Icsi is focusing on. What will new modes of governance look like? What will the safety challenges be in the era of big data? What role will management have? How will safety and security interact? Thinking about the skills of tomorrow, and the worker of the future, will be a major challenge for educators.

The industry of the future


The impact of Covid-19 on risk management

In at-risk industries, safety management is being disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  And new issues continue to emerge. What is a resilient organization? How can we prepare for an unprecedented level of uncertainty and unexpected events? How can we manage safety in this context?

Risk management and Covid-19


Using digital technology to serve industrial safety

A new driver of better safety, digital technology is a promising opportunity, notably for skills development: examples include virtual reality, e-learning, and short-format sessions to raise awareness.
Icsi has deployed various e-learning tools to meet these new challenges.

Digital training


| Operationalization |



In addition to actively participating in discovering tomorrow’s challenges, Icsi is committed to going further in terms of operationalization. The objective? To move from theory to practice, from research to the industry. Over the next five years, we will be developing practical tools for the prevention of the most serious accidents, improve leadership, and develop a just culture.



 | From research to practice |

The Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture (Foncsi)

The Foundation’s independent scientific work complements the Institute’s activities. It coordinates research projects that supply the theoretical foundations needed to develop safety culture in the field.
In particular, it conducts strategic analyses on themes such as ‘Operators of the future’. It also runs several working groups.

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| Our resources |

Discussion groups

Discussion groups have been at the heart of the Institute’s work since its creation in 2003. These neutral, independent spaces encourage participants to share their experience and debate issues. Only the Institute’s members can join.

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Research & development

Both Icsi and Foncsi carry out research and development projects, in the form of industrial pilots or new operational tools. These projects seek to create a bridge between the results of academic research and applications in the field.