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Why join Icsi? To participate in the association’s various activities, to be an active driver of safety, to share your experience with others, and build upon good practices from elsewhere. People who join Icsi want to work together to contribute to the public good. We offer an opportunity to contribute to the development of a safety culture in France, and around the world.

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Join an active community

Joining Icsi means having access to a network and benefiting from sharing your experience with the community. It also allows you to:

  • participate in discussion groups on key industrial safety themes.
  • propose new topics.

Everyone, whatever their level in the organization, is committed to pooling their knowledge, sharing best practices and becoming an ambassador for safety culture in their company.

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Benefit from Icsi's expertise

Icsi can provide technical expertise and support, together with training programs that are tailored to your needs. Our team of experts, supported by a network of volunteers and contractors, extends to the four corners of the world. We are all committed to supporting your work in the field, and helping you to implement your safety culture projects.

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Monitor and contribute to the development of safety culture

Through their fees, members help to finance publications, events and awareness-raising activities for as many people as possible. Icsi publishes a wide range of information on key topics such as safety culture, human and organizational factors, the prevention of the most serious accidents, and safety leadership.

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To apply for membership, please send your request by email, giving details of:

  • your sector and scope of activities
  • why you want to join
  • your contact details

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Icsi has more than 80 members from at-risk industries, trade unions, research centers, universities, specialized institutes and associations.

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