Leadership in safety, industrial practices

Leadership in safety
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A safety leader knows how to influence and guide teams to develop safer behaviors. He or she also has the ability to act on the factors that support the development of these behaviors, and knows how to ensure that safety is at the heart of trade-offs.


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This report presents 7 principles to enhance your leadership in safety:

  • Create a vision of safety
  • Give safety due priority in the organization and manage it on a daily basis.
  • Share the safety vision: influence, convince and encourage feedback
  • Be credible: set an example and be consistent
  • Foster team spirit and cross-functional cooperation
  • Spend time in the field to observe and listen; communicate effectively
  • Acknowledge good practices and ensure that any punishment is fair

This report gives pride of place to examples from the field and first-hand accounts from key staff: plant managers, construction project managers, maintenance shutdown managers, HSE coordinators, team leaders, secretaries and members of the HSE committee.


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Leadership in safety, industrial practices Leadership in safety, industrial practices