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What will the industry of the future, and the factory of tomorrow look like? How will safety be managed in 2030? What skills will be required? What changes need to be made to the initial training provided by universities? These are the issues that are being studied by this working group, which is composed of representatives from universities and at-risk industries.

Working group – Universities Working group – Universities




| A brief summary |


New technologies are changing the industry at such a rapid pace that we have begun to talk about Industry 4.0: automation, remote control, connected factories, artificial intelligence, etc. What impact are these transformations having on safety and the prevention of major risks? More broadly, what safety skills will be required in the future, and which sectors will be most exposed to safety challenges?

Finding answers to these questions is a key issue, as we need to anticipate changes in the initial training provided by universities. The aim? To train tomorrow’s safety professionals.


| Themes |


Anticipate the impact of changes in companies and organizations on safety

We have undertaken a study of the major developments in the industry of the future, with the aim of identifying the professions and skills where safety will be a key challenge.

The group’s work is supported by:

  • visits to factories and industrial facilities that are already using new technologies in production;
  • surveys of younger workers on the factory of the future, and the safety skills that will be required;
  • the results of the strategic analysis conducted by the Foncsi on the operator of the future;
  • input from experts during meetings of the working group;
  • a review of the scientific literature and research results on the subject.


Creating a network dedicated to training and the safety

The working group plans to launch an ambitious project: pooling educational resources and creating a network to think about the safety skills that the industry will need in 2030.



This discussion group is one of the initiatives taken by Icsi
on the theme of “the industry of the future”.


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| Participants |


Universities & colleges

  • Mines Graduate School
  • Centrale Supelec
  • Enciaset – INP Toulouse
  • ESCP Business School
  • Insa
  • IUT de Lorient
  • Université Grenoble Alpes
  • Université Toulouse 3


  • Air Liquide
  • EDF
  • SNCF
  • Suez
  • Total
  • RTE


  • IRSN
  • Cnam

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Agnès Furno

Digital training academic manager

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