Safety Cultures, Safety Models - Taking Stock and Moving Forward

Safety culture
Foncsi - Claude Gilbert, Benoît Journé, Hervé Laroche, Corinne Bieder
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Numerous concepts and models of safety culture coexist that are more or less attractive, and more or less applicable in the field. What criteria should you use to choose among the available options?

In this book, published in English by Springer, nearly twenty internationally renowned experts put forward their ideas to help at-risk organizations find their way through the safety galaxy.


| Contents |


  • An Industrial View on Safety Culture and Safety Models, de Olivier Guillaume, Nicolas Herchin, Christian Neveu et Philippe Noël
  • Safety Models, Safety Cultures: What Link?, de Claude Gilbert
  • Understanding Safety Culture Through Models and Metaphors, de Frank W. Guldenmund
  • The Use and Abuse of “Culture”, de Andrew Hopkins
  • The Safety Culture Construct: Theory and Practice, de Dominic Cooper
  • A Pluralist Approach to Safety Culture, de Benoît Journé
  • Culture as Choice, de David Marx
  • Safety, Model, Culture, de Jean-Christophe Le Coze
  • On the Importance of Culture for Safety: Bridging Modes of Operation in Adaptive Safety Management, de Gudela Grote
  • Safety Culture and Models: “Regime Change”, de Mathilde Bourrier
  • Safety Culture in a Complex Mix of Safety Models: Are We Missing the Point?, de Corinne Bieder
  • Key Issues in Understanding and Improving Safety Culture, de Stian Antonsen
  • Safety Cultures in the Safety Management Landscape, de Jean Pariès
  • The Commodification of Safety Culture and How to Escape It, de Hervé Laroche
  • A Synthesis, de François Daniellou


Publication en open access.

Safety Cultures, Safety Models Safety Cultures, Safety Models