Negotiation & Economics: basics

Laura Concina (ed. Foncsi)
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Since technological risk issues imply stakeholders with different preferences and objectives, they are largely submitted to negotiation. Bargaining is ubiquitous and this Viewpoint aims to give an overview of the bargaining process from an economic point of view. In an extent, its scope is to focus on what we can grasp from theory in order to understand better how negotiation can evolve.

The work presented in this document is part of a research project supervised by Giuseppe Attanasi (Director of the Laboratory of Experimental Economics of Strasbourg, France) and funded by Foncsi. Caroline Kamaté coordinated its publishing. Elaine Seery ensured its English-language proofreading. However, the opinions presented are solely those of the author.

Published under Creative Commons licence. See conditions for reproduction.

Negotiation & Economics: basics Negotiation & Economics: basics