Safety culture, from understanding to action

Safety culture
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What is safety culture? Why has it become important? How can we evaluate and improve our safety culture? What are the characteristics of an integrated safety culture?

The result of extensive work based on the scientific literature on the subject, and supplemented by discussions among members of a dedicated Icsi working group, this report provides an overall vision of safety culture, and outlines some potential levels to improve it.


| Contents |

  • the first part, “the essentials” summarizes the key concepts: a shared vision of risks, the pillars of safety, the balance between rule-based safety and initiative-based safety, management leadership and employee commitment, etc.
  • the second part goes into greater detail about these ideas, expands the arguments, and cites the references that have guided the Icsi’s theoretical work.


This report will help you to better-understand and enhance safety culture in your organization.


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Safety culture, from understanding to action Safety culture, from understanding to action