Safety: a matter for “professionals”?

Safety skills
Claude Gilbert (ed. Foncsi)
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Industrialists are clear about one thing: training in the field of industrial safety no longer seems to have the expected results—despite the money and effort that goes into its provision. Given this observation, are there any other ways to improve industrial safety in companies, and raise professional standards?

This Industrial safety opinion piece focuses on 3 questions:

  • How can we establish links between professional standards and safety training?
  • Should safety training be integrated into day-to-day practices and activities, or should companies implement targeted actions?
  • Does safety training prioritize companies’ internal needs, and respond to the specific problems they encounter, or is it tailored to needs that are dictated by external actors (supervisory authorities, the public, the media, etc.)?


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Safety: a matter for “professionals”? Safety: a matter for “professionals”?