The essentials of safety culture

Safety culture
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The term safety culture refers to a set of practices and actions that are shared within an organization, and which enable the company to manage its most significant risks. It is not decreed – instead, it is created and tested, on a daily basis, through words and actions.

Each company, and each sector is exposed to different types of risks, and faces different challenges, such as quality, finance, the market, and safety, of course! The question is, what priority does the organization give to safety compared to all of these other challenges. A high-performance safety culture consists in giving more weight to safety in trade-offs.


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  • Understand what safety culture is
  • Share a vision of the most significant risks
  • Improve safety performance thanks to the 3 pillars
  • Involve management and sharp-end workers
  • Find the right balance between rule-based and initiative-based safety
  • Assess the safety culture, analyze the current situation
  • Changing the safety culture is a long-term project
  • Target the 7 attributes of an integrated safety culture
  • Improving safety benefits the entire organization


We hope that it will convince you that improving safety culture goes to the heart of your business, and will improve the overall performance of your organization.

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The essentials of safety culture The essentials of safety culture