Here are some examples of the themes addressed by Icsi in the context of its research activities.

Trade-offs between safety and other priorities

Icsi has carried out work on cost-benefit analyses, which is a decision tool used in economics that makes it possible to compare the costs of a prevention-related decision and its benefits for the whole of society. This work has been carried out in collaboration with the Toulouse School of Economics.

Consultation about industrial risks

Whether a regulatory requirement or not, consultation about at-risk activities has become a necessity. Icsi is involved in several projects on this theme.

A specific example is the Feyzin Residents Conference, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Social Economics (LISE) of the French National Research Centre, local officials and the Total refinery.

Sub-contracting and safety

Sub-contracting is a phenomena that is widespread in organisations, in particular to meet the need for external expertise. What are the consequences for health and safety in these organisations? This work complements other initiatives taken by Icsi on the topic.

Risk, uncertainty and decision making

This theme was the topic for the research project "Analysis of the sensitivity of simulation tools for gas dispersion" carried out by Icsi.

Other research themes have been addressed by the Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture, a recognised public research foundation and an Icsi partner.

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