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The Safety Culture Observatory

Changing safety culture

Icsi's safety culture consultancy programme was born out of the principle of bringing together, in one network, all of the actors involved:

- the programme's beneficiaries
- Icsi's teams
- local intermediaries

The Observatory is a form of Discussion Group: the difference is that it is dedicated to the consultancy work and expertise provided by Icsi. 

It is the result of the requirement, acknowledged by the scientific community, that any changes proposed by Icsi must provide added value and meet the current needs of beneficiaries. Furthermore, it assumes that regular meetings of the relevant professionals may help to meet this need.

The 2014 Observatory

The 2014 Safety Culture Observatory:

- brought together almost 50 participants (industrialists, researchers, trade unionists, etc.),
- examined problems related to the commitment to develop a safety culture,
- formalised the development of a safety culture based on 4 principles:

* a shared, detailed understanding of the initial level of safety culture through, for example, the safety culture diagnostic method developed by Icsi, a survey of perceptions, or greater use made of a tool, etc.,
* the will to move towards an integrated safety culture as understood by Icsi,
* with a vision and a programme suited to the organisation's context,
* and a joint approach to the change management project.

The aim of the 2014 Observatory was to open up the debate and share experiences based on the theme of "Risk management through safety culture: building on success and failure".


The Observatory creates a network of actors who are involved in the development of a safety culture. It is an effective way to bring about change.

Beyond the networking opportunities offered to participants it reflects a proactive approach to safety. This is based on the ability of participants to reach out to each other and establish win-win relationships.

Participants in the Observatory are both actors and the beneficiaries of changes driven by Icsi - through their participation they hope to make progress through sharing their experience.

The work of the Observatory is disseminated in the form of publications and videos that are available to members of the network.



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