Safety culture in the construction sector

An accident-prone sector

Safety challenges in construction projects are an ongoing concern for businesses that invest in the design or modification of their installations, and particularly for project teams.

Despite the significant efforts made by stakeholders (industrialists, institutions, researchers, local authorities, trade unions) to improve safety on construction sites, this sector is often characterised by a high proportion of accidents. The many and varied initiatives are designed not only to prevent accidents during construction, but also to prevent future accidents that may occur during the use of the facility that may be due to faulty construction.

The question of considering construction project activities as part of a "Safety Culture" approach was raised by ICSI members who are faced with the problem of safety management in construction projects.

The building site: a high-risk place

Experience has shown that building sites are characterised by a massive influx of workers from external companies that have different cultures and levels of maturity when it comes to safety. These companies are on-site for a limited amount of time, which can vary from several weeks to several years. An additional factor is the complexity of construction activities that are subject to significant budgetary and planning constraints.

ICSI and FonCSI have worked extensively on the development of a safety culture in high-risk operations. The need to consider a more tailored approach to the construction sector is becoming increasingly urgent for both ICSI and FonCSI as one of their three main objectives is to assist their members in their efforts to improve industrial safety.


The objectives of the Discussion Group are to:

- frame the context for the execution of a construction project;
- identify the potential drivers and limitations for the deployment of an approach to improve safety culture that is shared by all participants;
- capitalise on practices already used by members and identify the factors leading to success or failure.

in order to describe the aspects of safety culture considered to be suited to a construction project, and the methodology for the deployment of this safety culture in such a way as to promote risk management in construction projects.

The approach that will be adopted by the Disucssion Group will be as pragmatic as possible in order to meet the specific needs of our members.