Risk Management in the Healthcare Sector

An innovative partnership that ensures the highest standards

The revised version of the V2010 certificate introduced by the French Health Authority required establishments to put in place "risk management" procedures. Risk management concerns organisations, practices, and individual and collective behaviour. It also requires training - not only in the use of materials and methods - but also in the development of a genuine safety culture. Technical, human and organisational factors must be integrated into a cross-cutting approach in all of the establishment's areas of operation.

The Post-Master's Degree in Risk Management in the Healthcare Sector ensures the highest standards. It is based on an innovative partnership that brings together ICSI, INP and INSA at Toulouse, and 3 major French players in healthcare safety training: Paul Sabatier University, the association de la Prévention médicale (Medical Prevention Assocation) and the Comité de coordination de l'évaluation clinique et de la qualité en Aquitaine (the Aquitaine Committee for the Coordination of Clinical Evaluation and Quality).

French health and safety regulations applicable to the management of health and safety in healthcare establishments and in general practice have led to the need to create new jobs in medical risk management.

This complex job currently has relatively few qualified applicants and there is an urgent need for teaching platforms dedicated to the specific issue of healthcare risk management. The Post-Master's degree in Risk Management in the Healthcare Sector meets these needs.

The French NGO Prévention Médicale, which is dedicated to the prevention of paramedical and medical risk, has given ICSI its full support.

René Amalberti,
Advisor to the French Health Authority and Scientific Director of the
Post-Master's Degree in Risk Management in the Healthcare Sector
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Classical skills include well-known risk management methods from industry.

Other skills respond to the specific characteristics of medical risk: a domain with multidimensionnel constraints such as round-the-clock care, limited budgets, multiple actors, chronic pressure, complex patient pathologies, etc.