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Risk Management and Covid 19

“We are going through an unprecedented health crisis, which is generating massive upheaval in companies, particularly in how work is organised and relations with managers. I think that in this very unusual context, we must talk about the impact of this crisis on safety culture and the management of major risks, but also develop a benchmark of practices, hear the views of experts, and explore perspectives for the future.

Consequently, ‘Risk management and Covid 19’ will be a key focus of Icsi’s work over the coming months. You are invited to follow what we are doing, and hear first-hand accounts of what is happening on the ground, by subscribing to our newsletter and joining our social networks"

Ivan Boissières,
Director General of Icsi

The webinar series

Webinars will be run on a regular basis, focussing on:
  • feedback and first-hand accounts from Icsi members on the topic of safety management during a health crisis (lockdown, the easing of lockdown and post-crisis);
  • insights from experts;
  • international trends in corporate safety management strategies.

Don’t worry if you miss a session! You can catch up with all of our webinars on our YouTube channel:

Setting a benchmark for industrial practices: the Observatory

Working with its members, Icsi will establish a benchmark of safety practices, both during and after a crisis. The objective is to create an authoritative observatory that can identify trends in different sectors.

It will examine:

The role of safety both during the crisis and in the recovery

The role of safety specialists in crisis management

What role do prevention specialists play in companies?
The impact of the crisis on safety action plans

Have safety action plans survived the health crisis, or has the situation led to trade-offs?

Impact in the field and on actions taken by managers

The human and social side-effects generated by the crisis

What have been the impacts on the internal climate in companies?
The presence of managers in the field

What new practices have been adopted by managers, particularly in relation to the expansion of remote working? How is work coordinated? Are managers spending time in the field?
Improving reliability

What practices are being put in place to increase awareness of what is really happening on the ground, and anticipate risks?

Icsi-Foncsi discussion groups

Icsi: a discussion group dedicated to Covid-19 and safety

This new discussion group will work on creating an inventory of safety practices in the context of a health crisis, and reflect on the methods to be used to manage major risks and guarantee the safety of people and facilities. There will be a particular focus on:
  • the evolution of safety models and their management;
  • organisational resilience;
  • safety leadership for managers in an uncertain world.
Foncsi: a working group dedicated to safety management strategies

The Research Foundation is carrying out an in-depth, 1-year analysis that will provide an overview of international trends in corporate safety management strategies.

The Foncsi will consult French and international experts, and will suggest some ways to respond to the unprecedented safety challenges created by the health crisis.

An international perspective

Icsi will be working with the international Resilience Engineering and Natural Decision Making networks, in order to gain a broader understanding of what is happening in the rest of the world.