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Research activities

Our research in detail

Through its position at the intersection of industrial safety stakeholders (business, local and regional authorities, trade unions, NGOs, researchers, etc.) Icsi's research activities have found an unusual niche:

• innovative topics, resulting from both the needs and expectations of industrial safety stakeholders and research;

•  multi-partner research that brings together publicly-funded research laboratories and practical applications in order to provide solutions that actually work in the field;

•  a multi-disciplinary approach, that brings together human and social sciences and engineering in order to promote the emergence of the original, integrated solutions that must be found for industrial safety problems  (the interaction of multiple physical activities, human, organisational, social and economic aspects, etc.);

•  the ongoing need for the dissemination of results and knowledge transfer, through the Industrial Safety Reports series, colloquia and seminars, training programmes and on-the-ground applications.