ICSI supports its members in the initiatives they take to develop or improve a safety culture through various approaches: expertise, the development of a method, safety culture diagnosis, training, etc.

In order for these approaches to lead to sustainable, long-term change the Institute uses its knowledge and know-how in a spirit of sharing. Consequently, the following 3 main principles guide our work

3 main principles

> The participation of all stakeholders

> Dialogue and knowledge transfer

> Extending the benefits to all ICSI members

• ICSI's consultancy work focuses on the participation of all stakeholders involved in the development of a safety culture: including senior company management, supervisors, social partners, the workforce; and further afield, elected officials, local residents, etc.

• All of our work is carried out in close collaboration with at least one main interlocutor in the organisation concerned. The Institute's ongoing monitoring ensures that there is dialogue and knowledge transfer with all stakeholders.

• All of our consultancy work leads to the dissemination of knowledge and know-how (review by Discussion Groups, publications, round tables, etc.), which means that all of ICSI's members can benefit from the work carried out (while respecting confidentiality).

The reciprocal commitment of ICSI and its partners is recognised as a distinguishing characteristic of the Institute's work. To this end, our consultants lead Discussion Groups and participate in the dissemination of knowledge through training programmes (e.g. Post-Master's degrees).