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The Safety Academy: testimonials from our founding members

the 15 March 2018

Above all, the Safety Academy is a collaborative project. It was developed and has expanded over the past 3 years in partnership with 10 of ICSI’s founding members: EDF, Engie, la Mutual de Seguridad, Altrad (ex-Prezioso Linjebygg), RTE, Sanofi, Spie, Suez, TIGF and Total. Video testimonials.

Denis Krzych, who is driving the deployment of EDF’s health and safety policy, and Céline Piacentile, trainer and project manager at RTE, were kind enough to take part in a quick question and answer session and share with us their feelings about the Safety Academy project.


Why did their company join the Safety Academy? How do they use the resource centre in-house? Who do they like best about the project?


The answers are in the videos!


>> Testimonials from founding members