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The Safety Academy opens its (virtual) doors!

the 13 March 2018

Discover our trilingual, online resource centre ​​dedicated to safety culture! The Safety Academy provides you with all the tools you need to improve your training in the classroom: videos, e-learning modules, case studies, publications, learning pathways, webinars, etc. all available on subscription to your organization. Login to the open access version and give it a try!


So what is the Safety Academy?


The Safety Academy is a simple and intuitive online platform. It contains over a hundred digital resources in French, English and Spanish, classified into 10 key themes related to safety culture:


- resources developed specifically for the Safety Academy: videos of interviews with experts, e-learning modules, case studies, 2-minute animations of key concepts, online conferences with experts (webinars), etc.

- carefully-selected, free web resources

- a selection of video analyses of some of the industrial accidents that have marked history, in partnership with Chemical Safety Board and Fox International

- learning pathways with a coherent set of resources to help you understand the key points of a theme.


What is it for?


Above all, you can use it to learn more or to extend your training at your own pace, depending on what looks interesting! And there’s more:


- managers will find resources that can bring new life to their safety briefings with their teams

- trainers will find digital resources that enhance their training sessions

- professionals can use the content to deepen and broaden their expertise by drawing upon reliable resources.


Curious? Like to know more?

Try out the open access version!

Login to the open access version, and discover a representative selection of the Safety Academy’s contents!

>> Discover: Open access version of the Safety Academy


Your organization can access the complete version of the Safety Academy by taking out a subscription. To find out more about the different access options:

>> View: offers and subscriptions


Enjoy your tour of the Safety Academy!