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FonCSI's new book on HOF is published by Springer

the 16 January 2020

FonCSI’s new book on HOF has been published by Springer: Human and Organisational Factors. Practices and Strategies for a Changing World. We invite you to explore this new book – and download it for free.

From 2017-2019, the Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture (FonCSI) carried out a strategic analysis of methods, tools and practical approaches to human and organizational factors (HOF). The research foundation worked with many international experts, along with industrialists (ENGIE, EDF, TOTALl, SNCF) and an institution (Ineris). This open access book, which will be published in early 2020 by Springer, is one of the results of this strategic analysis.


The highlights

This academic work, titled Human and Organisational Factors. Practices and Strategies for a Changing World, consists of around fifteen scientific articles prepared by experts that were identified by the FonCSI.

This open access book addresses several questions regarding the implementation of human and organisational factors (HOF) so that recent improvements in industrial safety can be built upon. It addresses sources of frustration in senior management with high expectations of operational recommendations and disquiet on the part of HOF specialists struggling to have an impact on high-level decision making. The brief explores these issues with an emphasis on examples and lessons learned based on the experience of its authors, who come from different academic disciplines and various industrial sectors such as oil and gas, energy and transportation. It then offers some ways forward for a better consideration of HOF in hazardous companies with a view of promoting safety and facing challenges in a rapidly changing world.


How can I get a copy?

This book is published by the FonCSI, as part of the Springer open access collection. You can read or download an article, or the entire book, free of charge from the Springer website here:


>> Download the book

The FonCSI has already published 6 books in the SpringerBriefs in Safety Management collection.


First the book, then the conference

Finally, the Foundation is organizing a conference on HOF. The event, which will be held in Paris, is free of charge and open to everyone – the aim is to disseminate these results of HOF research to as many people as possible. Book the date: 10 July, 2020 in your diaries now!

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