Human and Organisational Factors of Industrial Safety Management

Executive Post-Master's Degree in Human and Organisational Factors of Industrial Safety Management

Ensuring the safety of people and managing technological risks are two requirements that industrial facilities are committed to meeting on an ongoing basis. Specifically, they devote significant resources to improving the reliability of facilities and the implementation of health and safety management systems.

Although these companies are expected to reach even higher levels of performance they seem to be faced with a major challenge: to improve the integration of Human and Organisational Factors in industrial safety management. Currently, despite the progress that has been made, two-thirds of the root causes of accidents and incidents are human or organisational.

However, the trend has yet to emerge in companies with a strong technical culture. In particular, it requires new skills coming from the humanities and social sciences (ergonomics, psychology, sociology, etc.) with a specific focus on management.

Created in response to a request from industry, this Post-Master's Degree is the only one of its kind in Europe. The degree programme is accredited by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and aims to provide experienced managers with additional skills.

This is a part-time programme that fosters, through ongoing training, the inclusion and acknowledgement of human and organizational factors in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and dismantling of at-risk industrial facilities in order to prioritise improvements in industrial safety performance.

Ivan Boissières
Scientific Director of the Executive Post-Master's Degree in
the Human and Organisational Factors of Industrial Safety Management

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This specialised programme is aimed at ambitious managers with at least 3 years professional experience and Master's-level qualifications.

This is a part-time programme run over 2 years.

Participants must prepare a thesis, drawing upon their professional experience.