Since 2008, Icsi's consultancy work has focused on human and organisational factors and safety culture (in particular the management and transfer of knowledge) In the near future, we expect to begin new work on the topic of consultation about major risks.

Examples of previous work

- Knowledge transfer and risk management
* The Icsi team includes ergonomists from Bordeaux 1 and 2 Universities and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
* The Steering Committee includes senior management and social partners
* Impacts: structuring knowledge transfer (internal training unit, tooks for skills simulation, etc.) and the use of event-based REX to train teams.

-  Knowledge Management (KM) and risk management

* State-of-the-art KM practices used to improve safety in projects
* A study into the capitalisation of safety knowledge from theory to practice in order to identify the added value of KM tools

- Safety culture approaches
* Pilot diagnostics carried out in two foreign subsidiaries with the help of Prof. Simard, Professor of Occupational Sociology at the University of Montreal
* Impacts: development of a safety culture approach using appropriate tools (questionnaires, software, toolbox) with a view to deployment in other subsidiaries

- Safety culture approaches

* Diagnosis carried out at all sites of a large maintenance establishment
* Support and participation of social partners
* Impacts: deployment of an action plan, design and implementation of safety culture training for all actors, development of a HOF approach to accident analysis
* Ongoing discussions about deployment in the company's other facilities