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Corporate governance

The general assembly

A General Assembly is held at least once per year to approve the accounts and the annual report, vote the budget, elect the members of the Board of Directors.

The board of directors

The Board of Directors meets 3 times per year.
It sets the broad outline for the Institute's work and sets the budgets necessary for it to meet its objectives. It ensures that the Institute runs smoothly, sets membership rates and monitors the Institute's financial health.

The Steering and Assessment Committee

ICSI's Steering and Assessemnt Committee (SAC) is a specialised body that is composed of 25 members selected by the Board of Directors. It is responsible for decision-making and the assessment of results

The SAC is responsible for:

- implementing the strategy defined by the Board of Directors
- evaluating and validating action plans
- approving new Discussion Groups and evaluating their work
- budget allocations
- contributing to the development of the Institute. In particular, forwarding new membership applications and partnership proposals to the Board of Directors, and any other actions that expand the Institute's work.

André-Claude Lacoste

President of the Board
of Directors