Expertise and services

Short-term interventions
> expert advice on safety at one or various sites
Advice on strategy
> from the Steering Committee on safety culture and the integration of human and organisational factors
Safety culture diagnosis
> an in-depth diagnosis of the perceptions of an entire organisation of safety culture and practices
Skills transfer
> in safety culture, human and organisational factors, safety leadership
Sharing and benchmarking
> of best practice, drawing on ICSI's network of members
> in the deployment of a plan to change safety practice and safety leadership for managers
> of feedback from experience
Interface management
> with all partners in order to coordinate the reinforcement of safety practices
Change management
> to develop a safety culture

Some examples

- Help in drawing up an HSE policy that integrates human and organisational factors

- Safety culture diagnosis using qualitative and quantitative tools (employee surveys and focus groups)

- Help in the development of an action plan for strengthening safety culture at all levels of an organisation

- A methodolgy for accident analysis that helps to identify root causes and integrates human and organisational factors

- Increasing the reliabillity of operations in organisations in order to improve management leadership and increase the commitment of the workforce

- Improve overall conditions for the promotion of safety

- A selection of tools that have been proven to work in improving safety and the assessment of the real contribution of each tool

- Establishment of a consultation process with local residents with the aim of living together in harmony

Domains of intervention
- Industry: onshore and offshore oil, pharmacuticals, gas, nuclear energy, etc.

- Services: telecoms

- Public sector infrastructure

- Local and regional authoritites

- Healthcare institutions

- Transport

-  etc.

ICSI worldwide
ICSI's consultancy team has worked in countries around the world, in response to the needs of its members.

- Europe: France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain
- The Middle East: the United Arab Emirates, Qatar
- Asia: South Korea, Myanmar
- Africa: Cameroon, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Gabon
- South America: Brasil, Argentina, Chile