A positive approach to safety is a powerful lever

the 1 October 2017

This year, the various workshops offered an opportunity to talk about a positive approach to safety.

This thought on safety culture is largely inspired by their debates.


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An online survey to meet your needs

the 28 November 2017

Contribute to the development of the Icsi and Foncsi roadmaps for the coming years by participating in our online survey!

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Everything you need to know about safety culture in spanish

the 27 September 2017

The Spanish version of the Essentials of Safety Culture (Lo esencial de la cultura de seguridad) is ready to be downloaded from our website! 

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A new book by Foncsi–The Illusion of Risk Control—has been published by Springer.

the 19 September 2017

The 2013 research seminar addressed the subject of uncertainty, and this book, entitled The Illusion of Risk Control. What Does it Take to Live With Uncertainty? is the result.

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Safety culture means paying attention to the 3 pillars

the 6 September 2017

You may have read or heard about the
‘3 pillars’ of safety: technical safety; the safety management system (SMS); and
human and organizational factors
(HOF). Together, these 3 pillars are the
key components of safety culture.

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