Working with the University of Granada, Ergotec and Modus Laborandi, ICSI is one of the safetygranada partners. Safetygranada is a scientific and technical high-level initiative.

The annual seminar, which takes place in May at the Science City and El Carmen de la Victoria in Granada, brings together leading experts in the field of human and organizational factors in industrial safety including James Reason, René Amalberti, Erik Hollnagel and Dan Mauriño.

As part of the safetygranada initiative, Ivan Boissières and François Daniellou lead a seminar on the human and organizational factors of industrial safety, which includes representatives from the Spanish nuclear, petrochemical and aviation industries.

Safetygranada is run by Jesús Villena, ICSI's representative in Spain and Latin America, and José Juan Cañas, who holds the ergonomics Chair at the University of Granada.
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François Daniellou, Jesús Villena, Iván Boissières and José Juan Cañas at El Carmen de la Victoria