In early 2012, ICSI started work with the University of KEIO and its System Design and Management Department, where Professor Takano's team are working on similar issues to ICSI's main themes: safety culture, accident prevention, management systems and human and organizational factors of safety.

Biannual meetings will make it possible to define and implement joint projects: student exchanges, joint participation at conferences, articles in specialised journals, sharing of results, etc.

Creation of the Tokyo Safety Competency Center

In mid-2012, ICSI helped to set up the Safety Competency Center of the Japan Society for Safety Engineering (JSSE). This skills centre, the result of an initiative from the Japanese Ministry of Industry (METI) was designed using a model similar to that of ICSI. During the opening ceremony on 26 April 2013 at Tokyo, Jean-Claude Rebeillé presented Professor Naka, President of the JSSE with a plaque to commemorate the start of this new collaboration.

A technical meeting including 35 representatives from Japanese industry and universities made it possible to identify areas for future joint collaboration.

Presentation of a plaque to symbolise the collaboration between Icsi and Japan at the ceremony to launch the Safety Competency Center, 26 April 2013