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ICSI began its international activities in Argentina in January 2012 at the University of San Andres. The Centro de Investigaciones por una Cultura de Seguridad aims to develop industrial safety culture in Latin America.

Under the leadership of Jorge Walter, ICSI Argentina offers an Post-Master's Degree in the Human and Organizational Factors of Risk Management. The curriculum has been developed with support from ICSI  France, ESCP Europe and the UdeSA virtual software platform.

Interview with Jorge Walter, Director of ICSI Argentina

"We have started to build the foundations"
How was it that you adopted the ICSI France model?

I knew about ICSI from the time it was founded through Ivan Boissières, when he made a long visit to Argentina in early 2000. In 2006, during a sabbatical, I visited ICSI and I decided to present two projects for FONSCI funding. The funding made it possible to publish a book about the introduction of safety culture issues in Latin America and to carry out an initial occupational safety culture diagnosis in the Argentinian subsidiary of Arcelor Mittal. It was too early to consider the creation of a similar institution in Argentina but we immediately began to put the foundations in place.
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What form does your work with ICSI France take? What activities are you involved in?

After the first two projects, we carried out diagnoses in other national and multinational companies. In 2008, we presented a project under the academic cooperation programme between Europe and Latin America, PREFALC, which in 2009 enabled us to invite high-level French professors to give safety management courses for two years. This project was originally a distance education programme on human and organizational factors of safety. It started in April 2012. It is the first of its kind in Spanish. The Post-Master's degree is jointly supported by ICSI, the University of San Andres and ESCP Europe.

We also implemented a series of training programmes for senior executives and others working in large companies in Chile and Argentina, as well as the Argentinian Association of State Auditors.

These efforts have finally made it possible to create, in 2010, ICSI Argentina at the University of San Andrés. We would now like to get further institutional support that will enable us to sustain the institution and organize discussion groups to define research and training strategy.

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How, in your opinion, is the "ICSI model" a novel and useful way to approach industrial safety issues?

The ICSI model is novel in that it seeks to build bridges between the public and private sectors, businesses and trade unions, global and local communities to promote safety cultures.

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Presentation of the Masters degree by Jorge Walter