New thought on safety culture about questioning attitude

the 21 March 2017

A questioning attitude: what does it mean? What can my organization do? I’m a manager: what do I do next? Read our new thought on safety culture.

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Argentina: Icsi and the University of San Andrés collaborate on HOF training

the 3 March 2017

Executive training in human and organizational factors (HOF) in risk management will begin on 7 April at the University of San Andrés (Argentina).

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How to foster a safe, sustainable working environment with a subcontractor?

the 7 February 2017

In certain sectors and industries, the range of activities carried out by subcontractors may reach a level that can potentially affect safety results.

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Outsourcing in the gas and oil industry

the 24 October 2016

Jorge Walter, associate member of ICSI in Latin America, has just published an article in Safety Science about outsourcing.

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Promoting safe behaviour is not the ultimate challenge when improving safety performance

the 10 October 2016

A new document is available in the collection Our thoughts on safety culture.

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